It's Always A Good Time!
Author: Dila Amalia
Monday 8th of June 2015 06:51:03 PM

Me, my sister and some of my friends wanted to have some fun so today we went to a zoo in Cisarua, named Taman Safari. We had to drive for about half an hour through the toll way and it turned out that the exit way was full of traffic, so we decided to take a short-cut with the goal to arrive faster. In the middle of the journey, we heard weird sound and smoke came out of the car. OMG! First we panicked, then we went looking for some help. Thank heavens that there wasn't something major wrong with our car. After an hour or so we could continue our journey to the Taman Safari. In Taman Safari, we fed the animals from the car along our journey. We were so excited to finally meet the animals! We also took pictures with some of them, including a lion, orang utan and tigers and watched a dolphin show. We had quite a long and adventurous journey -full of laughter of course- and the most important thing is that we are still happy about it. Spending time with my friends will always be time well spent!

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