It’s A Popsicle, It’s A rocket …It’s A Penis?
Author: Mirela Cosic
Wednesday 16th of April 2014 11:03:26 AM

You know those awkward moments when you’re looking at an object and then you realize that it’s shaped like a penis? Funny right. People always take pictures of it. The same thing happened with the new fruity-flavored X-Pop of GB Glace, the Swedish ice-cream maker. Let me put it like this: “the frickin’ popsicle looks like a frickin dick”. Just like every other popsicle, you put it in your mouth, suck on it and BAM… something creamy comes out of it. Well you all know what that means in adult life. Basically they’ve made an ice-cream dildo with a special affect. Given the fact that people look so much into it, it might not be the best shape for kids. But I think maybe it would be cool to use these X-pops in our workshops? Hey why not practice while enjoying a fruity flavor? It beats a banana if you ask me.

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