Just One Euro Can Save 30 Lives
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Tuesday 24th of March 2015 10:55:35 AM

Remember the news I told you about the crisis in Venezuela that caused condoms to cost €19 per piece? It's still happening. We can't imagine what it's like to have to pay this kind of money for a condom, but a girl called Zoé Lemoine really makes a great effort to help Venezuela. Take a moment to read her story.

Zoé fully engages herself to the matter. Condoms prevent undesired pregnancies and reduce HIV and other sexually transmittable diseases. According to Zoé, 4.400 people die because of AIDS every year in Venezuela alone.

"Every day we see depressing stories in the news that are coming from all over the world. When hearing the story ‘condoms cost €660 for a pack of 36 in Venezuela' I felt that for once I could do something, even though it will not change everything." Zoé says that this €660 represents 85% of ones monthly wage. That's an awful lot, don't you think?

Obviously, she can't raise the money on her own, but if she got some help from people like you, things would look really great really fast: "If we can raise 2.230€ it will bring around 30.000 condoms and 4.500€ will bring this number up to 60.000! To imagine the possibility of 60.000 couples - meaning 120.000 humans - that might have safe sex without fear or having to pay fortunes for it, is a good motivation for me!"

Zoé studied in Paris and London and she's currently busy creating a business for baby-mobiles. "By that I mean mobiles for baby beds and not phones obviously" she notes. " I often get asked that question!"

The condoms that Zoé can buy with the money she raises will go to Acción Solidaria (AcSol), who will distribute them and also give them to other associations that are fighting HIV/AIDS in Venezuela.
"With one euro you can offer safe sex to 30 people!" says Zoé. What are you waiting for? Go to the website and donate what you can in order to save people who can't save themselves!



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