Just One Song And You Will Fall In Love
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Friday 18th of July 2014 05:11:22 PM

The idea that music can influence our behaviour isn't new: even Plato dallied with this idea already. In the past the effects were mainly used to speed up manual workers, but nowadays it's used mostly in differents marketing strategies. Does music really have the ability to influence our dating behaviour?


Psychologists Nicolas Guéguen, Céline Jacob and Lubomir Lamy tried to figure this out. In their experiment, single girls were exposed to romantic or 'neutral' music. After they heard one song in the waiting room, they were asked to discuss about organic cookies with a young man (the girls thought that this discussion was the real aim of this research experiment). During the break this guy asked them out on a date.

And how did it end? It worked! Women previously exposed to romantic music complied to his request more readily: more than every second girl accepted his invitation! In the group of girls who listened to the neutral song, he wasn't very successful: less than 30% wanted to go out with him. Music has the power!


And what about you? Will this song work on you? As the romantic song they chose Francis Cabrel's 'Je l'aime à mourir




Are you ready to accept almost every request for a date now? Or did you find the song that was research selected as neutral more romantic?



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