Larry Kramer About Ebola vs. AIDS
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Wednesday 11th of March 2015 12:11:28 PM

I remember the day it was announced that people were rappidly dying of Ebola. Society became nervous, everyone knew about the disease and it became the main subject of almost every conversation. People focussed on Ebola and they seemed to forget about an even bigger threath : AIDS.

Larry Kramer, author and LGBT rights activist, talks about what he thinks. He says that- in the first stages of the disease- people were less interested in AIDS, because "it wasn't happening to us; it was happening to them". Kramer says that AIDS was conceived of as a gay disease.

"For 35 years, we still know so little about what's happening to us. They still have no idea of how to cure it. Ebola comes along and they all rush over there immediately and the same people who should have found the stuff for HIV were doing Ebola and it's going away, it's dissappearing, in a very short amount of time, because they are really attending to it".

A few weeks after I arrived at Designers Against AIDS, Naomi Campbell kicked off London fashion week with her ‘Fashion for Relief' runway show to aid the Ebola crisis. Everyone was immediately on it, but it seems as if Ebola didn't even need activism to get reactions from the governments.

People obviously got scared because Ebola ‘Could happen to them as well'. That's OK and Ebola should also be stopped, but we should not forget the biggest killer that has been on the loose since 1981. Ebola has made almost 25.000 victims in over 40 years. AIDS, on the other hand, has been ravaging for 35 years and has made - don't fall off your chair now- 36 million victims (and counting). Or around 28.000 people PER WEEK. Larry Kramer talks about this too: "This government is still not attending to HIV. I don't care what anybody says. Not nearly as many people will ever get sick from Ebola as we lost to AIDS."



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