Let It Be Red
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Thursday 8th of November 2012 05:04:46 PM


Isn’t it unfair that people in the West have absolute access to HIV-tests and medication, while the people in the most HIV-exposed developing countries don’t have the same opportunity? 

Well scientists of Imperial Collage London have found a way to make HIV-testing a lot easier… and cheaper! – and the result can been seen with the naked eye. If the test fluid turns red you’re lucky, and if it turns blue you’re infected.

This new blood serum test that can find very low concentrations of biomarkers (a substance that indicates if an illness exists) in your blood. And what’s so great about this ‘low concentration of biomarkers’-thing? Well, first of all it means that you can detect a disease much earlier than with a regular test. Second of all, you can translate this test to any disease where the biomarker is known, which means that the possibilities are infinite! Right now, the scientists have used the test to detect HIV and prostate cancer in an early state, but who now what the future holds?

The Imperial College London and the scientists are now trying to establish collaborations with non-profit organisations in the Third World, so they can start using the test asap. What a great thing to do! - Tova


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