Let The Sun Shine, Belgium!
Author: M. G.
Wednesday 6th of March 2013 01:59:29 PM

This morning, Peke told me that spring is about to come, eventually. "Didn't you notice that is getting warmer now? It's not about the sunshine, forget it, the sky will continue to be this colour " -the sky was light light blue, grey, white... grey...- "This is the Belgian spring, there isn't sun, but it's warm". Obviously it was just a joke, it's not true. What I could understand about Belgian weather is that it rarely remains the same for more than two hours, no matter what the season is.

How is it going to be next spring? Ok, I've never been so affected by the weather and, like Elias, when spring comes and the sun shines and people become suddenly joyful and emotional, I just feel the pressure of being happy too, even though for me is just another day like any other. To not be affected by the weather doesn't mean being sad or empty of emotions, I just don't care about it and when it's rainy I don't feel depressed. But now things are different, the sun of my country has always spoilt me, in Italy when it's March you have the last days of rain and from April onwards you're sure that is going to be hot. This morning I thought that I needed to see the sunshine, not just imaging that somewhere above the clouds the sun is shining and I can just feel the temperature changing. I really hope that yesterday's sunny afternoon was not an exception and for sure I am going to take the habit to enjoy every moment of good weather that's about to come... and, Elias, the same goes for you!


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