Let Us Eat Cake!
Author: Dila Amalia
Tuesday 12th of May 2015 09:58:29 AM

Another day at the workshop and it’s getting better every day, as I have learned many exciting things along way. Yesterday, Bali was so hot and Ninette’s husband Peter treated us with ice cream and I learned that vanilla ice cream blended in a perfectly delicious way with fresh tropical fruits. It was one of many amazing things for me to discover hahaha! And today... we get to have our workshop in a new ‘office’ that’s full of delightful cakes! I’m so happy and thrilled!
Ninette’s villa, where we usually have our workshop, has a fogging to do today, so we decided to have the workshop in a bistro named Grocer & Grind. This bistro has so many cakes that look delicious and taste good as well. I had a quite hard time to choose the cakes but finally decided to order a baklava and it tasted great!

I always love sweets. And to have a chance to visit this place and try the cakes, while doing the workshop (they have perfect and fast internet here- is this heaven?) is another exciting thing for me.
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