Letter To You
Author: Dita Amalia
Wednesday 20th of May 2015 08:30:29 AM

This letter is dedicated to all couples out there, married or unmarried,

Why is being faithful to your partner so hard? I believe some of you guys have been thinking of cheating, sometimes it is not about whether you want it or not, but it’s about the opportunity you get. No human is ever satisfied with one thing, they keep wanting more, but why is being grateful with what you have so hard?

Be true to yourself; maybe you find someone ‘better’ than your partner, but you love her/him enough and don’t want to hurt them, so instead of breaking up you cheat. I don’t know -and especially don’t understand- the art of cheating, but why is being faithful an art at all? Being faithful is a way to learn to nourish and grow a relationship, to believe in one another, to seek a better version of both of you. Especially for unmarried couples, if you already cheated once you are in a steady relationship, then how will you learn to spend the rest of your life with just one person as your forever wife or husband?


I believe that none of you has ever imagined how it feels to be cheated on -and none of you ever want this happen to your children either. Being faithful is the same as learning to be grateful and to respect each other. Not only that: being faithful is also good for your health. Because when you’re faithful, you won’t do anything that potentially can risk your life, like having sexual intercourse with somebody who might have a sexual disease such as HIV. What I’m saying is, save your life and that of your loved ones by being faithful to each another, communicate about your problems and work things out together.
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