LGBT Power Rules!
Author: Evelien Peeters
Monday 29th of February 2016 02:03:53 PM

I don’t know if you have noticed it lately, but a lot of Television shows and films are making a big change. They introduced a lot more LGBT characters and they’re not about to stop that. A change that we love!

Back in the days we saw gays and lesbians portrayed on screen, however it was a good thing, in society there was a lot more taboo around it then now.

LGBT people were often not a main character as well, so you probably won’t even remember them most of the times.

However today, a lot has changed; gay marriage has been legalised in a lot of countries and a lot more people accept them.

Since films and certainly TV-shows are still a big influence, it wasn’t a bad idea to enhance the visibility of the LGBT community.


Think about Gossip Girl where Serena’s brother is gay, 90210 in which Ted struggles for years with the fact that he’s gay but comes out of the closet eventually, Pretty Little Liars badass A, who turns out to be a transgender girl.

And the one that is probably the most popular right now: Orange is the New black. Which is a women-in-prison narrative that includes a real transgender woman, and that’s a first!

In this series LGBT and their sex life is openly discussed and shown, but also the struggle that comes with it is visible. The show has had a lot of critical acclaim for humanizing prisoners and for its depiction of the LGBT community without making it seem unreal.

I highly recommend this TV-show to everyone, it’s fun, it’s corresponds more to reality and it can change your perspective on a lot of things.


I’d say, “we want more”, so keep up the good work TV-shows and films!  

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