Life on the zig zag!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 13th of November 2012 05:03:44 PM

Message to all people interested in handicrafts- do you want some inspiration for your next piece of art? Your salvation is here: German blogger Sheri Pavlovic has just published her book Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the ZigZag.

For those among you who don’t know her already, she’s the woman behind the blog Awesome Sauce and Asshattery ( that shows you how you easily can re-design and personalize your clothes and other items at home. The book is especially about clothes -as you can see in the title- and is very useful when for example you feel like those jeans you have in your closet went out of style five years ago (Sheri will show you how to make a gorgeous skirt out of it). Sheri wrote, designed and photographed everything herself.

The best part is that for every book that is sold, 1 Euro will be donated to us here at Designers Against AIDS! And that's not all: Sheri and her husband have also decided to donate 1 Euro for every piece of clothing they'll sell from their brand Mensch T’s to DAA as well.

The clothes from the line are for both men and women, from all ages from baby to adult and every single garment has a 100% original and unique design created by the couple in their workshop.

Thanks to Sheri’s and her husband’s love for DAA, we can enjoy the book in many ways! Thank you so much for you generosity! We already got a sample of the book right here at DAA HQ and it included a tie which you can make into a lovely little purse. One of us students is working on it right now! If you’re interested in trying it yourselves, or in trying some of the other ideas, you can buy the book on one of the following websites: or, or just buy it from her directly from her blog. And if you would want to buy some of the fab clothes from Mensch T’s, they’re available at their webpage or at this site

- Tova

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