Making a Difference
Author: Ninette Murk
Friday 18th of March 2011 10:06:17 AM

People living in Belgium who still don't have a copy of our book 'Designers Against Aids: The First Decade!' will have one less more of an excuse not to have found one: after availability in FNAC, Copyright, Standaard Boekhandel, Limerick, Bozarshop, De Zondvloed and IMS, gay bookshop 't Verschil in Antwerp has joined the list of POS. Bart and his team will do their best to help us raise funds for the DAA education centre IHAEC. Thank you Bart and everybody at 't Verschil ('the Difference')- we hope the sales will go well!
For people outside of Belgium, you can also order here.

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