Me And Mr. Weather - Lesson Nr.2
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 7th of May 2013 03:47:13 PM

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this... I am finally enjoying the good weather in Belgium. I don't have to listen enviously to my family and friends in Italy talking about the amazing weather there and pray for some sun here. It arrived! Thank you, Mr. Weather! On Sunday I spent a couple of hours on the riverside of Schelde, looking at the sunset. I took some pictures too - the secret to taking nice pictures of the sunset with amazing colors is simply to put your sunglasses in front of the camera - look at this!



I was with a friend of mine, and we had a great time, drinking the cheapest thing we found: amaretto. Later on we both were tried because of our economically driven choice. Meanwhile drinking, taking pictures and enjoying the sun, we also had a short language lesson. Since the last days he gave me Dutch lessons, I provided him with some Italian pronunciation tips. We were reading an Italian course-book with many random sentences like "Sono pericolosi i serpenti?" "tu sei un cantante e io una pittrice" - "are the snakes dangerous?" "You're a singer, I'm a painter". In the middle of our session a big group of people arrived in the same spot along the river we'd also chosen. They were all Italian. Thus my friend felt immediately embarrassed since he didn't want them to hear him. Thanks to our low-priced drink, this lack of self-confidence lasted just a few seconds, we started again, with him being even more inspired than before.



How did this nice afternoon end? I was so excited by the nice weather that I boldly decide not to take a coat with me. In the evening I was sick. If you're not from this country the concept that your body has towards what is warm and cold is slightly different. For this, don't dare to go near the river without a proper jacket or coat or what else: in Belgium the wind is always blowing, and there is no sun that can save you from a super-annoying cold, the one I started to recovery from just this morning. End of the lesson n.2 by Mr. Weather.




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