Meeting the EVS team
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Thursday 8th of September 2011 11:11:00 PM

It is hard to wake up in Antwerpen: this is the best place to experience how the rain makes people very relaxed!


But as we had a serious meeting this morning with our EVS (European Voluntary Service) fellows, the day started a bit earlier than usual.

 We came to Kavka youth center to meet our EVS coordinator Marjon and other EVS volunteers. After managing our boring financial questions we got to go on a walk around town. Our 'collegues' live in Antwerpen for a pretty long time already, so they could show us the places which are hidden from the eye of a new visiitor.

Shops, shops, shops... Antwerpen's center is almost planned for a shopoholics :)

Anyway, the best way to know your new friends is to sit in a cosy café and have a hot chocolate drink.



From the five EVS volunteers we met, one was from Hungary and three from Spain. That was a bit surprising for us, especially for Alexandra, who is from Barcelona. There's one more volunteer from Poland and we will meet her later.



It should be added that Veniamin is only one boy in this big team, so please wish him good luck)))

After a promenade in the center we got home tired but happy.



Greetings from rainy Antwerpen.


Clizia, Alexandra and Ven.

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