Mindblowing Sex
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Wednesday 18th of April 2012 04:15:11 PM

I just watched a movie about a girl my age who had unprotected sex once with a guy that turned out to be HIV positive. The whole movie she keeps running away from knowing if she is infected or not. At the end when she finally faces the test and it seems like a good ending is nearby, it turns out that she is indeed HIV positive. It wasn't the best acting, but it's the first time it scared me. I can understand that the words ‘HIV’ and ‘AIDS’ don’t say anything or mean practically nothing to you, but imagine that one time you go to the doctor for a simple blood test and when he comes back and sits you down, the only thing he says is ‘I’m afraid I have some bad news’. I know life is all fun and games, and let’s keep it that way. But imagine that moment, your life will stop and take a turn that you didn’t expect. It does not mean the end, but it’s a change that you cannot turn back. Don’t let it happen to you, please protect yourself.

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