Mr. Weather, Please, Now It’s Time For Mercy
Author: M. G.
Friday 3rd of May 2013 04:24:39 PM

Finally, after almost 4 months, I can say: " Oh God, I need lighter clothes!"
Belgium, are you kidding me? Again? I had to use my winter clothes (sweaters, long trousers, and a heavy coat...) since last week, and I often thought that the sunny days of last month were a prelude of the spring. It's been a kind of long prelude, I have to say, and I had many ‘first days of spring', when I was absolutely sure that the warmth was about to come, eventually. I was always contradicted, until now.
I'm still not completely used to Nordic countries and when there are, let's say, just two hours of sun during a windy and rainy day, it isn't normal for me to see people outside wearing just a t-shirts with shorts and flip-flops. Should I do the same?
This complex relation between me and the climate here, made me think about Belgian weather as a person who'd need to spend some time talking with a specialist, preferably someone good in treating multiple personalities. Faithful to not being deceived, I am asking Mr. Weather: "Should I send my winter clothes to Italy now, and look for some spring ones?" - I'm not talking about the summer clothes because I KNOW it would be way too much for now. I will go step by step. I just need my wardrobe to be organized, it's for a practical reason, really!
What's worse is that I AM the one that should have a conversation with a specialist, since I am the one who is having a pretty intense dialogue with the clouds in the sky, and it's becoming a bit worrying.
So, let's make a deal: You, Mr. Weather, are going to be milder to me, and to everyone else who is waiting for more than half day of sun. I am going to send my winter coat home and to use light clothes - I don't have shorts and not so many t-shirts, but I can make and effort and buy some new things. Ok? ... OK!
Ps: yes, all this is also a good excuse for me to do some shopping in Antwerp. I was looking forward to it already ;)


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