MultiCOOLtural Antwerp
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Monday 8th of April 2013 05:23:16 PM

Long time no see! I don’t have a special excuse for not writing personal blog entries these couple of days, or weeks now. I just didn’t. And it is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. But the fact is that yesterday was a nice sunny day and that it was the first time since I came in Antwerp that I saw so many people on the streets. It's certainly something worth writing about!  I went out for a walk and to buy some things - of which the most important and the number one is henna powder for body art-. To do that I visited the Moroccan- Pakistan part of the city. It seemed like a complete different planet to me - with all do respect to the Muslim community- . It was the first time I really experienced multiculturalism living here -not mentioning that every time I am on tram I hear at least ten different languages. Antwerp is big fat multicultural city (I am not saying that people are fat, obviously)! In one moment you are passing by the women wearing scarf’s like it’s part of their physical body, firmly tied around their head, in the same way as they themselves are bonded with their culture. Than in a second you enter the street where a woman hits you with a heavy bag consisting urban culture accessories. In the Moroccan quarter, a few people spoke English - others were just releasing some strange sounds. There were a few that spoke Spanish too, which was useful for me because that way I had a chance to practice mine a little.  Later that day, I met Matteo and another EVS volunteer from Croatia. It gave me the chance to speak my own language for a change! Now comes the interesting moment. Although it was sunny, it was cold and we were freezing, so we were looking for a nice bar to sit in and have a nice warm coffee. When we finally found one and enter, a chocolate that I held in my hand fell down on the floor, and everyone who saw that made a sad face, saying: „Oh“ many times. 


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