Musical exchange
Author: Sam Van Praet
Friday 24th of February 2012 04:14:03 PM

Different cultures means differents genres of music.  We are always fighting over whose iPod is going to be plugged in because we all like different kinds of music. At the beginning Paulo wanted to get to know some Belgian music, but Yassin and I aren’t really into that. We just keep on playing our favorites and once in a while Paulo plays some Brazilian pop music (we like the rhythm, but apart from “festa” we don’t understand a thing!). Yassin is into rap and I’m more into Latin guitar music nowadays, especially Rodrigo y Gabriella.  It’s a Mexican band to whose concert I’m going  this Sunday in Brussels. Really looking forward to that! I wanted Paulo and Yassin to join me but the tickets have already been sold out...Too bad for you guys;-)!

When we aren’t playing any music, Peke plays some of his Reggae. He has his own Reggae band called “Tzen Marley’kes” and we’re all going to their concert this Monday in Antwerp at Kavka on Oudaan. It’s going to be a long and fun weekend!

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