My BCF – My Best Cat Friend
Author: Evelien Peeters
Friday 18th of March 2016 02:01:51 PM

At the headquarters of DAA it's quite impossible feel lonely, since there are no less than five cats. And there's always one that comes around to give me hand in everything I do. If I’m sitting at my desk, he’ll be my cute colleague and sleeps in the other office chair.

When we are eating, the cat is spoiling us with its pleasurable company. When I'm unboxing T-shirts, the cat is helping me by getting into the box so that I have no other option than to procrastinate and do the unboxing when the cat has other things to do, like sleeping. When I'm making pictures of clothes, the cat offers itself as a model, all for free. Guess which one I am talking about? It’s the one and only Ziggy from Designers Against Aids.


Even though I love all the cats here, Ziggy is definitely the most social cat in the house. He likes to be petted and stroked on his little cute head, but he doesn’t like you to pick him up like a baby. Which is understandable: he’s all grown up now, he's heavy and he has a bad hip.

I'm definitely going to miss the cats when my internship ends. I might secretly take Ziggy with me, but ssst, don’t tell anyone!

Oh and while I’m finishing this blog, Ziggy just jumped on the other office chair to professionally help me post the blog online.

Oh how I love him!


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