My Big Adventure!
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Monday 4th of March 2013 05:56:56 PM

Let me tell you about my first adventure here in Belgium yesterday! I took the train to Ghent to see the Nabucco opera at the Vlaamse Opera in Gent. As I mentioned before, my sister is part of the ensemble of the Vlaamse Opera for the season 2012/13, which is why I will get to see a lot of Nabucco’s  and other operas, during my EVS! The train ride was comfortable and enjoyable, with not so many people on board, untill the embarking of  9 year olds soccer team, full of mud and the thrill on their faces! Because of some technical problems, the usual route had been changed and the trip lasted longer, so I got a chance to see more of  the wonderful landscape! I was all excited, looking at streams, canals, rivers, wetland areas and urban areas that have this special Belgian look. I saw the street masquerade in Temse and one donkey blinked at me along the way, or at least he looked like he was blinking! 

You can see that I am obsessed with trains and it has a little to do with the fact that my grandfather was a train driver. It's an adventure and you get to see the country up close and personal!

„See“ you soon with new adventures! 

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