My Heart Will Beat In A Belgian Rhythm Forever
Author: Eliška Portužáková
Friday 12th of September 2014 04:53:06 PM

I've never known that I will say that but I will have no problem to stay in Belgium little bit longer. With little bit longer I don't mean just one or two weeks, but a few months, years....
It wasn't love at first sight between me and Belgium. Of course even in my first days here I was sure that it's a beautiful country, that's a fact - you can't argue about it, but I was thinking about it just as a holiday destination.


Well, things have changed and as I started to get to know it more and more, its status started to changing from holiday destination to homeland. I'm not able to say what I love the most about this country, maybe that people of all kind of nationalities, religions and cultural background live here together and everyone brought their own piece to that big puzzle called Belgium.

About Antwerp I love that you will never get bored here, because the city is still changing. Even if you will go through the same street ten times in one day - every time it will be a different experience. 

Or maybe I love Belgium because of their delicious beer and chocolate? I will need a lot of pages to write about all those reasons why I don't mind to stay here, so I will just summarized that I have everything here to be happy.

It wasn't love for the first sight, but it's a strong relationship now.


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