My Weekend With Mister Grey
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Monday 16th of February 2015 11:22:53 AM

As we mentioned before, this weekend was Valentine Day weekend but most of all it was ‘Fifty shades of grey' weekend. Those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, I'll give you all of my thoughts.

It has been a while but, just like a lot of other women, I fell for the hype and read the books. I knew that three things wouldn't be missing in the movie: mister Grey, Anastasia Steele and a lot of sex. I expected the latter to be more explicitly shown, but in the end it didn't matter that Universal pictures kept it all in line. Sadly, it sometimes seemed as if the ‘sex'-part was taking over the real story, which wasn't really the case in the book.

Talking about the book, the writing style is, well, quite bad but that can be easily forgotten because the story itself is so romantic. It's kind of the same thing with the movie. Sometimes you can't stop laughing because of the humor but sometimes it's because of the ridiculous lines the actors have to say. Well, maybe it's the script, maybe it's the actors. In the book, for instance, Anastasia Steele occasionally bites her lip. In the movie, this just happened too much, not to mention it seemed too fake. Her instructions were probably to bite her lip as often as she saw a chance. But I loved the intended humor and laughed a lot, just like everybody else in the movie theater.

The casting is strong because for me, the actors look exactly like the characters in the book. The acting work was okay -not great, but fine. The end of the movie was so unexpected and everyone started protesting a little. But it also was a really strong ending, so after a few minutes we all just accepted it and went on with our lives, waiting for the next 'Fifty shades' to come.

In short, ‘Fifty shades of grey' is funny and romantic. Those of you who expected a porn movie, sorry to disappoint you . In the end, it's more of a romantic movie - made to please the fans, not the critics.


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