Never Go In Without A (Geordie) Skin
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Thursday 16th of January 2014 03:17:25 PM

Geordie Shore… One of those guilty pleasures you just can’t stop watching.  I remember friends saying "No, don’t put it on! It’s so retarded!" followed up with watching episode after episode.  For readers who have no clue what this is about, basically it's a bunch of –not so smart- people going on a trip, getting wasted every night, having sex a lot and doing stupid stuff.


But today I was in for a surprise. Next to ridiculous sayings like "I’m like a starfish, I’m just a shape" or ‘‘Whats your name, darling? Actually it doesn’t f**cking matter. Get in the taxi, you’re getting Gazzed"the Geordie shore ‘family’ actually had something useful to say!


"They put condoms on the bed and if they see you having sex without one, they’ll come in and tell you to put one on", says Gaz, one of the members of Geordie Shore. "It’s good though. The show is quite safe-sex oriented."


Not only that, it turns out that these lads and birds came out with their own brand of condoms, called Geordie Skins. This video shows three of the members giving their reasons why safe sex is important.  Good going, guys!


You might not have a producer walking in to hand you condoms when you’re not using them, but I’m pretty sure you’re smarter than these guys, so take an example and use one!

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