Nightmare On Ayke Street
Author: Ninette Murk
Tuesday 2nd of July 2013 04:05:41 PM

Oh coffee, it looks like you’re going to be the friend of the week.  I can honestly admit that I need you in my life to survive the period of night terrors that I’m going through this week. It’s actually getting to the point where I feel more tired when I wake up than when I go to sleep.  And this I can all thank to my creative (and scary) imagination. Want to know what I dreamt lately?  I’ll give you a few examples: Once upon a time…

‘… I was sitting in the cinema. In front of me is a lovely old lady, she is eating popcorn and laughing at the screen, enjoying the wonderful  black and white movie that’s playing.  For some reason, I don’t feel like I am enjoying the movie. I am sitting deathly quiet and can’t move a muscle. I look around… The room is filled with people, young and old. I try to watch the screen and notice someone coming in. He is wearing a hood and sits next to the old lady. I see a knife shimmering in his hand as he stabs her repeatedly. I want to scream, but I still cannot move. I look around; no one notices what is happening. They are all focused on the movie… And me, I just see her life slipping away while I’m in this paralyzed state’.

‘…  There was a young girl singing and dancing through her house, I don’t know her but she’s wearing her pajamas and as far as I can make out, she is getting ready to go to bed. I see her two dogs following her, wiggling their tails and enjoying her happiness.  She crawls into bed and flips off the lights. All becomes dark and I know she fell asleep within seconds… I see a light flash in the distance, I hear noises of someone walking through the house. The person walks towards the dogs who are in the kitchen and turns on the lights. I see paint, I hear something falling down and when I try to make out what, the person has disappeared. The girl wakes up, the noise disturbing her sleep, she jumps out of the bed and goes to check on the dogs. She notices the lights are still on but thinks she forgot to turn them off. I hear her yawning as she flips of these lights. When everything is dark, she notices there are words glowing in the dark. He painted the dogs with the simple sentence ‘Tonight you die’


You can probably imagine I wake up kicking and screaming each time… to great despair of my boyfriend who is in the middle of the crossfire when I swing my arms around. Anyway, I hope it passes fast. If not, I might  consider writing cliché horror stories.


Written by Ayke Gubbels

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