Now, This Is What I Call A Blow-Up Doll
Author: Mirela Cosic
Thursday 24th of April 2014 01:28:57 PM

A few days ago I came across a very weird yet interesting subject on the internet. I’m talking about the life-size silicone sex dolls made by ‘Sinthetics’. They look just like us, real human beings. Have you guys seen them? It’s kind of creepy, I don’t know. But I guess it is more useful for people who buy sex dolls to have one like this instead of the blow up dolls. Right? You can buy dolls in any color and gender imaginable. And you can choose their sexual orientation. But wait for it! The male dolls have interchangeable flaccid AND erect penises. It’s crazy, I mean…WOW. And get this, Sinthetics even thinks of the ‘T’ in LGBT. You can order male attachments for you female doll. No discrimination here. You can literarily create your ideal partner and they will make sure your every need is fulfilled. Kind of cool if you ask me. I mean, how many people always complain about their partner, well this is a chance to have the man/woman of your dreams.


Anyways if you’re interested in one of this creepily hot creations, visit the ‘Sinthetics’ website and order. The prices start at 5.900 dollars plus shipping. Go and buy your sex buddy. 

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