Old Fashioned Condoms Are Tailor Made
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 3rd of June 2014 01:15:53 PM

In 2011 Joe Nelson launched TheyFit Condoms, the world's first custom-fit condom line. Before TheyFit Condoms, Joe worked as a trader for the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs, but after the economic crisis and the scandals of 2008 he decided to change the direction of his career. Joe said he wasn't feeling completely OK with his job anymore; after 2008 he would only say that he worked in finance, without mentioning the name of his workplace.

Interviewed by Router, Nelson told how he eventually shifted from working for a bunch of knobs to work with a bunch of dicks. After his moment of crisis, Joe decided to start working in a business that could make him proud of himself and condom production seemed to be the perfect area. Joe had to come up with a new idea, with something that nobody ever did before, thus he decided to start producing and selling custom-fit condoms, as was the fashion 100 years ago.

Nelson's company is not very different from a tailor, who makes a suit that fits his client: in the same way TheyFit has a very complex production line, so that they can offer 95 different sizes of condoms. The care for the clients' feelings seems to be the company's priority, in fact the names of the different condom-sizes don't follow any metrical order. A client who's less gifted in dimensions than others will not order a pack of condoms sized ‘XS' or a ‘0', instead he will just have to communicate a code of randomized letters and numbers. As you can see, professionalism is all in the details.

Nelson's predictions about the future of his business are positive and he's not expecting to go back to his previous job any soon. He thinks his idea is quite revolutionary and it actually is. TheyFit condoms are delivered in Europe, the US and Canada, so many men can already enjoy the pleasure of a rubber that perfectly follows their intimate shape. From now on, as soon as you will hear the classic line "Condoms don't fit me very well", you know what to answer: "Shut up already, they make them tailor made these days!"


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