On A Motivational Note
Author: Gladys C.K
Thursday 7th of November 2013 02:54:43 PM

If you’ve been reading my previous blog entries you might have noticed I like writing about the methods I use to improve my working skills and simply how I try to make my life just a little easier. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve set myself some goals and swore I’d get there sooner or later but at the right time I just chickened out of the challenge and decided to leave it for now as I wrongly believe that it’s better late than never.

Well it’s not.

This is a statement that people use a lot but I personally think it’s the perfect example of the lack of motivation and the need to find an excuse for not being able to get your lazy ass out of the comfy couch.

Many friends I have complain that they don’t get enough motivation to achieve what they wish. Let me tell you a secret: motivation is also something you have to work on just like you do with your biceps at the gym.

Don’t wait to wake up one day feeling magically powered up and do all those things you planned. At once. While jumping the rope with a monkey.

During my research about this, I came across an article from Forbes that gives few easy steps to gain motivation that I summarise here: 

1) Start with small measurable goals. Instead of Run more, try Run 3 times a week for 30min during 3 months for the London Marathon. This will help you structure your life and if they’re short term you’ll see the results pretty quickly, which also helps you stay motivated and confident of what you’re capable of

2) Create a daily routine (easy to carry out) that can help your motivation skills grow. It could be anything you enjoy doing or healthy for you as it’ll also bring you some benefits. A jog, start having breakfast in the morning, going to bed early on weekdays, reading a chapter of a good book every day… Then, list your goals, place it somewhere visible and check it daily

3) Tell yourself you can do it. And repeat every day. It sounds silly but it really does work as it sets up a positive mindset and helps your confidence so that eventually you’ll believe it

4) Make it as public as possible. By doing so you’ll find support and at the same time a reason to prove yourself as a determined person to others while setting example of motivation and hard work

5) Be optimistic. This is a learned mental state and a good way to improve it is to acknowledge the times that you’re being pessimistic. Be honest with yourself and try to laugh at your problems and most importantly, face your fears! Although being a totally unpleasant deal, it’ll make you gain confidence and widen your possibilities


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” ― Walt Disney Company

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