Open Up Yourself
Author: Dita Amalia
Tuesday 26th of May 2015 07:25:49 AM

My friends often told me to be more open, or maybe what they mean is more welcoming. I’m friendly, fun and very good to talk to, but I’m not when it comes to someone I barely know. Most people’s first impression of me is that I look unfriendly and arrogant, ouch! I understand why, really… because let me tell you something, I’m not very confident and comfortable when I meet new people, so I tend to be a closed-off person. Earlier this month, someone added my ID, a total stranger because he thought that my ID belonged to his friend. I usually don’t like it when unknown people try to start a conversation with me; I always block their ID once they say ‘Hi’.

I don’t know how and why I didn’t do that this time around, but we start talking and have been doing so since that day. He’s OK and easy to talk to and by seeing that, I realized that talking to a new person isn’t that bad after all. You have nothing to loose, I even have a new friend now and learn about a whole new perspective from a different kind of person. Just the same happened when I first met young people in KISARA and Bali Kids and not to forget to mentioning when I joined the workshops for ‘Asia against AIDS-Back To Zero: Indonesia’!


Opening up yourself for new people and experiences is not as hard as you think, I even start to find it exciting now, because I always remember that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I started my life this way already, have you?

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