Opsinjoren Streetparty in Deurne
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Monday 30th of April 2012 01:07:52 PM

People who live in Grapheusstraat in Deurne did not sleep long last Saturday morning, as the front yard of IHAEC became the center of a street party on the occassion of the 'Opsinjoren- clean your own street' event that was held all over Antwerp. We received two boxes of yummy food and a tent from the City of Antwerp so all our neighbors could join in the fun. You can see in the pictures how well the tent suits our exterior! After cleaning the street, everybody went outside to chat with their neighbors, to sell some old stuff and to have a glass of Belgian beer in the fresh air in an atmosphere of a real celebration. Summer is coming, guys! Let's organize more of these parties!


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