Our DAA Students Shine On TV Limburg!
Author: Veronica Radicati
Friday 30th of November 2012 07:20:35 PM


Yesterday Ayke, Nikki and I went to the Belgian region of Limburg, to go on their local television channel TV Limburg’s afternoon talkshow! (Unfortunately Veronica couldn't be there, but she was missed!) You can find the interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFIxTpP5ZYo&feature=youtu.be –-so all of you guys outside Limburg can watch it too!
And just so you know, most of the interview is in Dutch...but don’t despair non-Dutch speaking people: some parts are in English as well :-)

What was the reason for the interview?
To promote our new collection 'DAA by JBC', our Superheroes against AIDS campaign and Facebook community, of course! For the occasion we all naturally dressed in outfits of the collection.. And I must say we felt pretty great in these feminine and festive creations, so do go check them out if you haven't already!
In the picture above, you can see all of us DAA girls (including Veronica!) in An Lemmens for 'DAA by JBC'. Aren’t the clothes simply gorgeous?!



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