Overwhelmed By Essaouira
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 9th of July 2013 11:48:46 AM

How can I explain in few words how it was being in Essaouira these last days? It was just fantastic.

First of all, you have no idea -and I didn't either- how much work is needed to successfully create and install a huge project like Air/Port. I told you that I was in charge of the hanging of the flags... it took two entire afternoons and evenings of work. Was it tiring? Sure. At the same it's pretty difficult to describe the satisfaction of seeing the whole boulevard of Essaouira full of flags facing the seaside. I was lucky, since the workers I was with - Aziz and Kalid - were such extremely nice guys and, honestly, most of the merit goes to them, they attached every single flag no matter how strong the wind, their tiredness or the time of night. I will keep these memories forever.



Let's also talk about the opening of Air/Port in Dar Souiri, thé cultural art center of Essaouira: the Governor of the Province was there. And the mayor of Essaouira. And the journalists from Morocco. And those from Belgium! And the artists! And the students we worked with! And a lot of other people... Really, such an amazing evening. Jean-Yves made an impressive job putting up original artworks in all the venues of the exhibition, 11 locations in total! If you realize that installing just ONE exhibition is already a major job, to do eleven in under a week... it's a miracle.

Finally, yesterday the two huge canvases we are going to hang on one of the gates of the Essaouira's medina, called Bab Sbaa, arrived at our hotel. I was not there at that moment but as soon I saw these enormous blue posters lying on the floor from the distance, with all the people of our team around them and taking pictures, I ran frantically towards them... Ninette also was there and she smartly took some pictures of my reactions... I was so loudly excited, I have to say, quite a show.



However, these are just few of the many moments I felt this way during my week in Essaouira and I will never thank team BWI enough to have the opportunity to make this amazing travel and to work for this amazing project.






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