Paprikaš, Barbeque, Freezing And Swearing!
Author: Branislava Jokovic
Wednesday 5th of June 2013 05:02:25 PM

I had very special visit! My boyfriend Marko was here in DAA seven days. I am bit sorry because we haven't been so lucky with the weather. It was a shitty, cloudy, rainy week, with just one and a half day of sun... But that didn't prevent us from enjoying the great Serbian dishes Marko prepared for us. He is a real magician in the kitchen and I am sure everyone will remember the jammy „Paprikaš" - made of vegetables and chicken ( how: top secret)!!- I am planning to make the same dish tonight, so I can only say to DAA crew: don't eat sweets before dinner! 

I had quite a special day together with Marko last Saturday. We went to the birthday barbeque of another EVS-volunteer. Admitted, it wasn't the perfect BBQ weather - with a violent wind slapping our cheeks every five minutes - but we had a great time. I met a lot of interesting new people, a few of them were acrobats. This ended in an interesting scene, where the Australian acrobat (who was about 170cm) carried 187cm Marko on his thighs, holding just one of his hands!„It is all about the balance", Australian boy said, while the rest of us excitedly watched the exercise. Oh there were funny moments: like when guys were teaching each other how to swear in foreign languages! They figured out how to remember it better by writing those filthy words on plastic glasses, so every time they'd raise their glasses to cheer they would see it. So, if you are into swearing, cursing in all kinds of languages, a barbeque is the best place!!!


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