Party Pleasures In The Old (And Possibly Haunted) Brothel
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Friday 2nd of November 2012 04:17:03 PM


Since this Wednesday was the scariest day of the year (Halloween) Niki and I went away from the education center to attend a creepy masquerade. The party was thrown by three of our friends from EVS (European Volunteer Service, the same volunteer program we belong to) in their house a bit outside Brussels.

Little did we know that the house where they were going to welcome us in was an old brothel! Before anyone might react to the fact that our friends lived in an old “pleasure house”: in Belgium prostitution is legal under controlled conditions. And the business had been shut down for some years before our friends arrived. The interior was still the same as before though, with a reception, around ten different peculiar bedrooms (we slept in one were all the walls and the ceiling were covered with mirrors) and a bar. It really couldn’t have been a more perfect place to throw a Halloween party! Freaky, too big and abandoned – the house captured the right mood of the ghost night.

 Although the business was no longer running, there were still some condoms left in the house. Good to know that they offered free protection, maybe that’s an idea to do in all regular hotels too?


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