Porn Now: Lisa Ann, Teen’s, MILF’s And Straight Guys For Gays
Author: M. G.
Monday 13th of January 2014 11:24:00 AM

Hi everybody! I'm back from my Christmas holidays in Italy and here again on DAA website. What should my first entry of 2014 be about? I think that porn will be the perfect subject - again!

Porn is extremely easy to access: you just need to go to a website like PornHub or PornMD and you will find whatever you want/need for your 5-to-10-minutes-long 'intercourse' with yourself. These websites have recently published charts about the typical habits that people have with free Internet porn. Not so surprisingly, among the most popular keywords we can find are ‘Teen' and ‘MILF'; it also showed that people from a country like to see porn made by people from his/her own country. I honestly was a bit surprised in discovering that the most popular keyword searched for by gay people is actually ‘Straight'! Damn, it's so true, gays always want what they can't have!

Last but not least, a lot of guys in the world like to j**k off watching Lisa Ann. She is the most searched-for porn star in the world and the second most popular search term in Britain, so Vice UK wanted to interview the actress to ask her how it feels having achieved such a goal.

The interview with the actress, who made her name in ‘Who's Nailin' Paylin' - where she played nothing less than the Alaskan 'beauty' Sarah Palin - is pretty fun and talks clear lyabout acting as MILF and speaks out against pedophiles in US. But the main reason we fell in love with her is because of her opinions regarding condom use in porn: "We're at a big time of change. I think that when people can accept change and move forward it will all go very smoothly. I understand the pros and the cons of shooting condom porn, and I understand how the production companies and the talent feels on every level. I don't think it's ever going to be a bad idea to promote condom use within the world because it's something that, if we did it and it was still sexy, more young people who are watching us would think, ‘Hey, they're still having great sex.' Clearly they think our sex is better because we're not using condoms. They don't realise that our sex may just be better because some of us are actresses. Or "mattress actresses", as I like to call us."

Congratulations Lisa, we love you!


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