Pump Up The Volume!
Author: Niki Kro
Wednesday 6th of February 2013 02:45:01 PM

After finishing the horrible cleaning for today - Yes, it's Wednesday Cleaning Day again!- I was happy to finally get my coffee and curious about what was waiting for me in my mail box. '3 new mails from my boss JY!' The first thing that went through my mind is 'oh oh a lot of work coming up!' but instead I was greeted by some good news about our work for [PIAS] Nites (http://piasnites.com/be). The tickets for us to go there, were finally arranged and I'm looking forward to a nice venue, good music and most importantly, our plan how to represent DAA. -For all you guys that will join us in Brussel for PIAS Nites, we have a suprise coming up!- I'm jumping up & down on my chair, waiting for the next weekend to go there... But meanwhile mentor ( and sweetie) Ayke will keep me busy with other assignments, that i'll start on right away! I'll write again soon.


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