Questions about sexual health?
Author: Tova Medby
Wednesday 17th of October 2012 05:51:33 PM

Do you know to where to go to if you have questions or want to talk about about HIV or sexual health in general? I guess that, by now, most communities all over the world have all sorts of related organizations, but here in Antwerp and the region of Flanders they
have merged the sexual health organizations into one big one called SENSOA. And the reason why I'm mentioning this? Today our project manager took us to SENSOA to meet and talk with HIV/AIDS expert, Patrick. We got to ask a lot of questions, mostly about the disease but also about how the organization works with STD and HIV-prevention and already infected persons. It was very informative and a nice opportunity to visit with him. Thank you Patrick for managing to answer all of our questions!
Before we left we got to see a glimpse of their "working material". My favourite was a board game for children about reproduction. So anyhow, now you know who to contact if you are in or ever pass by Antwerp and have any questions about HIV and sexual health. Meanwhile you can check them out from anywhere by going to their main website:

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