Read The Book First, Then See The Movie. Or...
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Thursday 20th of February 2014 04:05:03 PM

One for all the readers out there. Do you know that feeling when you devoured a series of books, fell in love and want to talk about it to everyone? Yet at that point there is no one who knows what the hell you’re talking about when naming  ‘Hunger  Games’, ‘Game of Thrones’ or even ‘Twilight’? So you sit there, enjoying life in a  fantasy world with your new perfect imaginary husband/wife until the day they fade slowly into the background. Then, years later, one of your friends goes ‘Oh my god, have you seen the Game Of Thrones series on HBO? Do you know about the dragons?’ and you just want to throw each book of the series in their face. Axis Of Awesome (known for parodies on Youtube) made this video called Rage of Thrones that will fit your mood completely.


The reason I write about this today is because of the endless discussion I had about Angels and Demons, the movie based on the book by Dan Brown.  With a 6,7 rating on imdb, the movie wasn’t doing too bad. And most of my friends watched it and were in awe by the ending. Well, IT ISN’T THE CORRECT FREAKING ENDING. So yes, the books were better.


I really wish I could read more. The smell of a book, escaping into another world and that tiny piece of your heart that breaks when you know that the book is almost over… Ah! I’m in love! Can anyone here tell me about any good books to read in the future?

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