Reproduction And Toothpaste And Soap Don’t Go Together
Author: Mirela Cosic
Tuesday 13th of May 2014 10:20:27 AM

I read something interesting about toothpaste and soap being damaging for sperm. A research conducted by the University Hospital in Copenhagen proved that some personal care products that we use daily have a negative effect on the quality of sperm. To be more specific, certain chemicals in toothpaste and soap are the boogie man.

According to Professor Niels SKakkebaek who is specialized in infertility, these chemicals mostly appear in products such as: cleaning products, plastic, sun screen or beauty products. They affect the power of the sperm. Apparently the chemicals influence the swimming behaviour of the sperm cells and then release enzymes that are necessary to enter an egg cell. The outcome is that the sperm becomes infertile.

This is quite worrying because it appears that these chemicals are more dangerous than previously thought. There will be more research done on these chemicals.


But in the meanwhile, what do our men do? Stay away from toothpaste and personal care products? Not liking that idea. 

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