Research day
Author: Ninette Murk
Monday 4th of July 2011 04:31:42 PM

This is Begum, painting the HIV-info board for our Friday event in this fabulous outfit. But before we could started on that, our research work included watching video diaries and short documentaries on Youtube about seropositive teenagers. We found out that there are some really good videos that give you all the facts.

Do you know what AIDS stands for? AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome: 'Acquired' means you can get infected with it; 'Immune Deficiency' means a weakness in the body's system that fights diseases and 'Syndrome' means a group of health problems that make up a disease. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. We probably have all heard this in school or in documentaries, but do we always remember its meaning? To be safe, just assume that your sex partners are infected with HIV until you know the truth. You can't tell if people are infected just by how they look! They could be lying if they tell you they are not infected, especially if they want to have sex with you. Some people got HIV from their steady partners who were unfaithful 'just once' and our advice is that it's better to be safe than to be sorry afterwards!

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