Rotterdam, The Little New York Of Europe
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 12th of November 2013 12:06:19 PM

This long weekend there was a national holiday here in Belgium, so my friend Jurgen and I decided to take a trip to Rotterdam. I must say we had one of the most amazing weekends ever. 

What to do in Rotterdam? What’s so special? Why all this enthusiasm? Well, first of all I was with one of the dearest friends I have here in Belgium and that would already have been enough for having a good time. We didn’t do anything special, just a lot of shopping, long walks and beers, but the atmosphere of this city it's really special.



While in Rotterdam, I sometimes had the same feelings I had when I was in Hamburg, another city I like a lot. These two important European harbours share the same past: they were destroyed during the Second World War and were completely rebuilt afterwards with many impressive and futuristic buildings. Walking in Rotterdam is relaxing and exciting at the same time, it’s like being in a little European New York, but without the traffic jams and the stressy lifestyle.



Nowadays Rotterdam is internationally considered one of the capitals of architecture and I was taught that if you want to see the original Dutch contemporary architecture you must go to Rotterdam, not to Amsterdam.

One of the biggest names in Dutch Architecture is Rem Koolhaas and his architecture firm OMA. These are the authors of De Rotterdam, a big project still to be finished, located on one of the islands on the river Maas. This project will shape Rotterdam’s skyline in the future and when I saw it on Sunday evening, it really was like looking at a scene from Blade Runner, the movie by Ridley Scott.



Another important Dutch architecture firm is MVRDV. They are the authors of the new Rotterdam Market Hall, still under construction too. Besides the city market, this massive, colourful and scenographic architecture will host shops, restaurants and hundreds of apartments. Nice, huh? I definitely see myself living in such a place!


What do I need to say more? ‘I love Rotterdam’.





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