Author: Shykin Veniamin
Wednesday 26th of October 2011 04:04:47 AM

Yesterday was a busy day for us: the big event had finally come and we were very curious to see the results of our work!
A lot of journalists came to see the presentation of the new DAA by JBC collection in the press room, they did interviews with DAA's Ninette and top model Hannelore Knuts, the face of the campaign. We also enjoyed a virtual pillow fight on the big screen in the hall of Antwerp's Central Station. It was a very nice day, we saw that all people were satisfied and happy and participated in a fashion event that was at the same time a social event. We hope that the message that we want to communicate with our banners: "Safe is sexy" and "HIV/AIDS : Just beat it" was understood by all!

I was very happy to discover that in Italy -in my home town Turin- they organized a pillow fight for the right of gay and lesbian people a few days ago!
For the annual conference of ILGA- Europe ( International Lesbian, Gay , Bisexual, Trans and interest Association) they organized five days of conferences, meetings, exhibitions and events about the "Human rights and traditional values: Clash or dialogue?"
The pillow fight was for the opening of the event, a symbolic battle, a non-violent struggle in the main square of Turin.
Of course there was also information about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, with distribution of flyers, gadgets and condoms in the most famous pubs and cafes of the city.
It's nice to know that we aren't alone in the fight against HIV/AIDS!!

The pillow fight nowadays is trendy all over the world, as you can see here:

If you want to have a pillow fight yourself, you still have time until Saturday October 29 at 6 PM in Antwerp's Central Station: have fun with our pillow fight and support the DAA cause at the same time!
Don't wait and "Just beat it"



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