Safe sex and Facebook
Author: Veronica Radicati
Wednesday 10th of October 2012 08:05:00 PM

Since I know a lot of you, as myself, spend (way too much) time on Facebook, I thought some of you might need a good argument defending this habit (addiction) against all the Social network haters out there :-) According to an article I read online today on the DailyMail, Facebook may actually be good for our health! It says a new study, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, suggests the social networking site promotes safe sex among young Facebookers. 

Why? Apparently, researchers found that sex advice on the site encouraged condom use and therefore helps in preventing the spread of STDs. How? The study was conducted on two groups of young adults aged 18 through 24. The first group was asked to 'Like' and receive news from sexual-health Facebook page: 'Just/Us', containing articles about condom use and STD testing. Group two signed up to '18-24 News', which simply shared general news directed to the age group. The point was to see whether receiving updates from a sexual health-based page versus a general news page actually encouraged condom use, and when the researchers repeated the survey, two months later, they found it did: 68% of who signed up to the sex advice site had used condoms during their last sexual encounter versus 56% in the news group. The problem? The effects of the sex health information allegedly "wear-off" after six months... A solution? I say keep posting and spreading the word! In any case, the initial results of the study undoubtedly validate Facebook and social media alike as powerful tools for spreading knowledge and awareness on important stuff such as safe sex so well done! x La Vero


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