Safer Sex Ads Please!
Author: Veronica Radicati
Friday 19th of October 2012 05:11:33 PM

Whether or not you use the Personals section to find love and/or sex is fine by us here at DAA. "Whatever turns you on", I say..! However, we recently came across a deeply disturbing example of irresponsible (sexual) behavior which we find not only unacceptable but quite hard to believe is STILL out there...
According to an article I read online this week by the Village Voice, a gay man recently placed an ad on an online hookup site, actually requesting unprotected sex by merely specifying that eligible candidates "Must be negative". Are you thinking what I'm thinking?:"Is he FOR REAL?"...(And by the way, 
how can one be sure the man who wrote the ad is negative himself???)

Honestly, I consider myself to be quite open when it comes to these matters...but this is just nonsense and dangerous. The man's disregard for condoms is apparently--as the author puts it-- "a popular trait amongst gay sex hounds who believe in that old credo 'No, fats, no fems, no safe sex'", which also may help explain why HIV is still rising fast in the homosexual community of some countries...So, one more time people--gay, straight, or whatever-- PROTECT YOURSELF!
For the the full story and the ad in question:
La Vero

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