Scary Dreams And Kind Old Ladies
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Thursday 31st of January 2013 02:01:58 PM


Hi there,


I had a really bad nights's sleep this night. All because of a dream. I dreamt that I was dreaming and the one and a half weeks of internship I already did weren't real. Furthermore when I woke up (in my dream) I went to the "real" internship which wasn't anything like this. Everyone was unkind, unhappy and the only thing I got to do was take care of the plants in the garden of the place (they died).

Being trained as a psychologist and minding Freudian dream-interpretation I woke up thinking: "Damn! I'm sexually frustrated". (Freud thought almost every dream meant something sexually).

On the other hand it could be a result from my crush friendzoning me.


But when when I came to my real internship, this morning, everything was as normal. Friendly people greeting me and sitting down in the lounge with my friends while drinking a cup of hot thee.


Because of me being distracted this morning I got the task to go to the bakery to clear my head a little. I was still sleepy and, although I tried to remember the directions, I got lost. Standing, disoriented, in the middle of an unkown street it started to rain. It made me think of the sad scene in the movies where people walk the streets of a big city feeling pity for themselves. Today my feelings were comparable. While I was dreaming off, I got lifted up. In my mind I must have flown for minutes (it probably was about a second). I felt a seering pain in my leg and I fell to the ground.

When I looked up I saw a mother with a baby-carrier running away, shouting "sorry" at me.

A cute, old lady came to help me up and took me under her little arm. Her kind face looked at me and she said laughing: "A strong young man as you should help me". Immediatly I felt better, I thanked her extensively and asked her for directions to Bakery "André". She laughed even harder and turned around, I followed her eyes and saw a big window. On the window was written in big white letters: Bakery André.

I laughed and looked at her. She was already waddling off when she turned around and said, "Sometimes the thing you're looking for is closer than you know."


So this was my incredible adventure of this morning. I'm going to get back to work now.

I'll write again soon. - Elias. 


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