Screw You Outside World!
Author: Ayke Gubbels
Tuesday 12th of March 2013 02:12:08 PM

Oh Belgium, … Why are thou so cruel to me? First you tempt me with sunshine and spring and now you tempt me with some ‘lovely snow’? To summarize my morning for all you lovely readers: I woke up singing and dancing – which is quite a surprise since I have a bad case of hating mornings normally – I walked outside with the perfect soundtrack on, the sun was peeking through… Seems fantastic, right? Of course this is the part in the movie where everything goes wrong. Next to me the busy traffic was going its way, cars were passing each other at an exhilarating pace until one decided to go right through the gigantic puddle of mud that was beside me at that point. As in every movie scene, the mud flew up and hit me right on the side. – Of course this was the day I decided to wear a beige jacket… - I could see the humor of this scene, so I decided to laugh it away and continue my journey by sending a text to my friend to talk about this cruel moment… While texting, I obviously missed the –even more- gigantic puddle of ice water in front of me and splashed straight into it. – And of course, my choice for shoes today was a pair of Vans… - So I had to continue my journey with freezing feet and covered in mud. And to top that moment, my MP3 player decided to shuffle to the song ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter…  To this I say: Screw you outside world! Even though I see how this could be the perfect moment to start hating the world and plotting multiple ways to take revenge, I decided the best revenge would be to simply not care. I hit a few buttons on my MP3-player until it played the lovely Jack Johnson and continued the journey with a smile on my face. Now I’ll go for a nice tea – not hot choco, stupid diet – and a fresh pair of dry socks. Enjoy the little things, they say ;-) 

For some Jack Johnson happiness:
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