Sex Without Stereotypes
Author: Saleta A. I.
Thursday 2nd of October 2014 03:07:35 PM

A long time ago the underground porn industry increased its popularity, breaking with the usual stuff, by showing sex between people, not between stereotyped genres. Film director Erika Lust, with her feminist pornography, and queer porn producers as Porn For Everyone or Indie Porn Revolution, try to show a more realistic sex. Each body is different, each person has its own way of feeling, there are so many options, if you look beyond mainstream maybe you will leave all your prejudices behind. One of my friends studied sexology and during her internship in a consultation office she had to collect data to make an investigation. Many women were there because they were worried about not having orgasms while having sex, although they did have them when masturbating. They had no physical problems, they just thought more about giving pleasure than about receiving it. And they were more worried about their physical appearance and how they smelled than about having safe sex! To be comfortable with yourself, you should start with taking care about your health, so always use condoms and enjoy the moment without being ashamed about your body.

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