Sexshop And The City
Author: Luna Berckmoes
Wednesday 11th of February 2015 11:14:53 AM

Yesterday, I was given a very special quest: I had to go deliver the campaign posters of 'Fifty shades of safe' to a store. But not just any kind of store... A sex shop. Given that I had never ever been to such a store before, my heart stood still for a moment. What on earth would I witness there?

My journey started where it always starts: with public transport. I dare say I am a pro when it comes to finding the right bus, tram or metro but this was quite something else. In the end, I decided that I had found a way to the store- I hadn't found a way back home yet, but I would worry about that later.

After a lot of trams and buses, I finally arrived at the last busstop. I had to walk a few more streets, so that gave me a little more time to think this through. ‘Will there be a lot of red lights? What does the owner look like? Will there be any customers when I get there?'.

Finally, I arrived at the store called ‘Erotische Verbeelding' and pushed open the door. It was not even close to what I had expected. The store was light. Not because of red lights, but because of the natural light shining through the windows and the white, clean, fashionable cupboards that exhibited everything equally fashionable. The owner of the store, Ann Cuyvers, was very kind and warm, not what I expected of a ‘sexshop owner' at all. She helped me put up my posters and we talked a little more about ‘Fifty shades of grey' and her Pop Up store that will open this Saturday in Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp for Valentine's Day- one day only!

As I told you, I hadn't thought about a way to get home yet. After a few minutes browsing on my phone and asking several people, I came to the conclusion that I would probably have to walk. A lot. Along the way, I came across beautiful stores and I even saw a restaurant owned by a well known actress. I got lost a few times, but in the end it was worth it. I'm not from Antwerp, so it was great to see the places that my friends at school always talk about. It's an experience that I would never have had if it wasn't for this internship. Fifty shades of exciting!

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