Shake What Your Momma Gave You
Author: Shykin Veniamin
Thursday 24th of May 2012 02:17:46 PM

As most of you guys are well aware of, Designers Against Aids is the temporary owner of a beautiful Pop Up Shop in the City Hall in Antwerp and yesterday we organized 6 fashion shows in front of our door on Grote Markt. In the show were our pretty models, clothes, accessories and underwear from the DAA collections ‘Fashion Against Aids with’ (H&M), 'DAA by JBC' and the last T-shirt designed by Marc Jacobs- get that one while you still can, for just 20 euros! All sales benefit the DAA Education Center IHAEC, where Belgian and international students get trained in how to create inventive and efficient HIV prevention projects aimed at their peers.
What you see is what you can get, because you can buy all these items in our charity shop and we also have an interesting selection of Bali jewelry and other fun objects to decorate your home & yourself with. The profits of these sales will go to Bali Kids, an organization that has our full support and that gives a new home to children who lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. 
We had professional models walking Grote Markt yesterday, but let’s not forget our very own models -IHAEC students and members of the DAA crew- that also filled the stage with their glamour and laughter. Unexpected star of the day was DAA’s program manager Jean-Yves, who shook what his mama gave him by dancing around in cute silver shorts and a yellow ‘Safe Ride Only’ top, brandishing his Bali rattle (also for sale). Trust me when I say that the audience LOVED him!  
There is a chance that we’ll shake our booties one more time next month… so if you missed it today, be sure to be there next time! If you just like shopping, you can find our Pop Up Shop open every day from 1PM to 6PM, except for Mondays and Tuesdays. We have some other surprises that will be revealed in our shop soon…. be sure to check our website for more details and updates!

Main photo by Hannah and Joel (, other photos courtesy of DAA

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