So This Is It Guys
Author: Gladys C.K
Thursday 19th of December 2013 01:52:50 AM

Today was my last day here at DAA (and the end of my stay in Belgium) and I’ve totally forgotten what I was going to write about.

Therefore I decided to improvise.

Regarding my experience I will tell you what I appreciated the most. First of all, it is useful for everybody to learn about HIV and have the chance to get involved in awareness campaigns and projects as there is always something going on. The second benefit you get is that if you enjoy writing as much as I do or would like to improve your skills, here’s an amazing opportunity to do this. You will be writing consistently and will have the chance to choose your topics so it’s ideal for shaping your style and generally finding the writer within yourself. I can certainly say I’ll carry on writing and I doubt this would have happened if I didn’t come here.

I have thought about the other entries the previous volunteers wrote on their last day so I could make it a little different this time. I like different.

I’ve packed my room today and when I finished I sat on the same spot on my bed as when I first got here 3 months ago. I closed my eyes, imagined I was back in time and managed to remember everything so easily as if it happened yesterday.

I love quotes because they summarise so many things in one sentence and what comes to my mind in these kinds of situations is: “If you enjoy something, time flies” and “Don’t be sad because it’s over but be happy because it happened”. Perfect.

Because we are very close to Christmas I’ll tell you about my plans. I’m coming back to London and its crazy life style and I’m spending New Year’s Eve in Scotland with some friends.

This year I got to see my family together for the first time in ten years. This made such a great impact in my life that I will ask all the members in my family to read an email I wrote for them about my year; everybody has to read it on the first day of the next year so it will continue the way it has started. If you are lucky enough to spend it with your family, appreciate them being there with you because I wish this would happen to me one of these years.

It was great to write my thoughts.


“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

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