Spot The 7 Differences
Author: M. G.
Tuesday 18th of June 2013 05:12:40 PM

I would like to offer you guys some artwork today. This image was created by Sebastian Errazuriz. What does it mean? Well, mr. Errazuriz found himself wondering if there might be a connection between the regions of Africa that show the HIV infections and the regions that show Christianity as a dominant belief. And surprise surprise, look at the ‘unexpected’ similarities… I wonder if you can even find 7 differences in there…  Of course there will be more research needed to confirm the causal link between the two, but to my feeling, this might be a good indication. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t oppose belief. I’m actually a strong fan of belief, because I feel that people can get a lot of strength and love out of it. But it does annoy the hell out of me  - I find this a nice word reference – when your belief ‘forces’ your choices (in a bad way ) – especially on health measures. Because basically that’s what it is, isn’t it? Keeping your body healthy by protecting it from STD’s?  Anyway, dear readers, whether your Christian, Hindoe, Moslim, …. I really don’t care. Just take care of yourself, because sexuality is a part of life and if you’re old enough to take part in it, you’re old enough to do it safely. - Ayke

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